At NIRMAN Diagnostics we keep our customers health at the supremacy of our services, we believe in constantly evolving with the development in health related technology. We are equipped with state of the art equipment and machinery and cutting edge technology and staffed with highly trained doctors and skilled professionals.

When you face any adverse health effects, your doctor will prescribe you to take a certain type of blood test based on your symptoms

What is a Blood Test ?

Blood tests are used to determine the physiological and biochemical states of a human being. Tests are carried out to check for diseases, mineral content, pharmaceutical drug effectiveness, and organ function.

What happens to your Blood after collection ?

Once we attain a blood sample from you, we head to our Pathology Laboratory to further test the blood work for any irregularities or abnormalities in their structure and formation. The samples are marked and barcoded individually in order to decrease any error during testing.
We study the overall response of your body to foreign antibodies, and use this information to treat your affliction.

Our Path Labs are well equipped with appropriate facilities to carry out a variety of blood tests. Our lab technicians proceed with extreme caution while analyzing the blood samples, because even the smallest mistake can lead to an incorrect diagnosis and pose a serious threat to your health.

However, with our superior quality of vital equipment, teamed up with our highly trained professionals, the possibility of these risks is comparatively reduced to a minimum.

Our current diagnostic centres are located at Borivali and Malad. We are looking to expand all over the country, as we want to reach maximum number of the population with high quality diagnosis at an affordable cost.

Nirman Diagnostics believes that prevention is better than cure, so let us help you with an early and timely, quality diagnosis that will lead you to live a healthy and happy life!

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